News from GC

From GC Member Nick Barber
At the half yearly meeting on 21 March it was interesting to hear the sub-committee reports, with a lot of progressive and diverse activity in flight at the club. This work all blends to make it an enjoyable, safe, fun, and inclusive environment which imbues a welcoming and positive culture for all members. It was also very encouraging to hear the growth in new membership across the categories. As a newcomer to General Committee I enjoyed the event and was impressed by the preparation, welcome to members, commitment, professionalism, and depth of content covered.
As a member of the assets sub-committee, I have joined a working group to move the circular driveway project forward. Post-covid building contractor availability drove prices and reduced capacity in the construction industry. This should ease during 2023 enable the project’s implementation.
This weekend was very busy with two days of the George Mac OTB regatta on 25 & 26 March which saw Aero, Laser, Quest, 2.4mR and RS100 race over two days. Taking the advice, and encouragement, of the Honorary Treasurer and Commodore I had the opportunity to volunteer for race management on Sunday 26 March. I spent the day on Redeemer assisting the experienced race management team. As someone who started out dinghy sailing it was great to watch experienced competitors in large fleets up close, and despite the light wind, the racing was well attended by local and interstate boats.
Every new experience helps develop knowledge, and having learnt some things I wouldn’t pick up during sailing, I would encourage other members to become involved in voluntary activities at the club. Volunteering activities gives back to our club and a tough day assisting at the club or on the water beats a good day in the office (I am not encouraging absenteeism!)