Peter Strain

John mooney
John Mooney
Vice Commodore

paul jenkins kathleenb
Paul Jenkins
Rear Commodore

Peter Demura
Honorary Treasurer

Brett Heath
Club Captain

Cath Hurley
GC Member

kalpana merrett
Kalpana Merrett
GC Member

Marnie Irving
GC Member

murray cowdell gc member headshot
Murray Cowdell
GC Member

Peter Coleman
GC Member

Peter Gebhardt
GC Member

RBYC Strategic plan

Sailing Sub Committee

  • Club Captain Brett Heath (Chairman)
  • Chad Humphrey (Secretary / Rescue boats / Sailing Office)
  • Peter Gebhardt (Cruising)
  • Brett Heath (OTB / Etchells)
  • Denis McConnell (Keelboats)
  • Simon Tedstone (OTB)
  • John Spencer (Race management / Volunteers)
  • Phil Bedlington (Keelboats/ Etchells)
  • Murray Cowdell (Rescue Boats Work Group)

Cruising Group

  • Paul Jenkins (Chairman)
  • Terence Frankham (Secretary)
  • Barbara Burns (Newsletter Editor)
  • Geoff Brewster
  • Jenny Collins
  • Sue Drummond
  • Peter Gebhardt
  • Rob Hurrell
  • Pam Merritt
  • Peter Strain

Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Group

RBYC’s Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Group is an advisory group reporting to the General Committee.

The role of the Group is to support organisational change to enable the club to be an exemplar for inclusion and diversity.  It provides guidance and recommendations to the Club on matters related to diversity and inclusion, including access and equity issues that impact on the workplace environment and on the Club as a membership organisation.

  • Niesje Hees (Chair)
  • Roger Jepson
  • Marike Koppenol
  • Wayne Seaward
  • Lallie Leckey
  • James Provis

Yachting Foundation Sub Committee

  • Commodore Peter Strain
  • Vice Commodore John Mooney
  • Past Commodore Paul Jackson

Assets & Maintenance Sub Committee

  • Peter Coleman (Chairman)
  • Andrew McBriar
  • Glen Norton
  • Murray Cowdell
  • Jim Leckey
  • Dennis McConnell
  • Andrew Nankervis

Icebergers Sub Committee

  • Melinda Kemp
  • Clifford Hayes
  • Ria Bleathman
  • Kerry Watson
  • John Hawkins
  • Peter Strain