Royal Brighton Yacht Club has one of the most comprehensive sailing training programs in the Nation.

Just starting out? and not sure what to be doing see below and then select your training program.

In addition, RBYC offers many different courses throughout the year for members and friends who wish to go down the path of volunteering and race officiating.

Where do I Start

Junior Training (5-12)
Tiny Tackers (5-6 years): Fun & Games in the shallows
Tackers (7 – 12 years)
Tackers 1: Learn the basics of sailing
Tackers 2: Learn tricks and techniques of sailing
Tackers 3: Learn more advanced sailing skills

Youth Sailing (12-18 years)
OutThere 1: introductory skills with a focus on having fun with friends.
OutThere 2: further develops your sailing skills acquired from the lower level course.
OutThere 3: build your confidence and refine their skills to sail autonomously or with friends.

Adult Training (18+)
Level 1: Learn the fundamental skills of sailing a dinghy
Level 2: Continue to learn the fundamental skills of sailing a dinghy, on your own
Level 3: Sail in faster winds, whilst using a trapeze and a spinnaker

When can I Learn