Tackers is the perfect program for kids to learn how to sail in a fun and safe environment

Everything about Tackers is designed to help kids between 7 and 12 learn new skills and have fun through sport.  The boats used in Tackers programs are small and easy to handle, specifically designed to be sailed by children.

Sailing a dinghy is great fun!

RBYC runs a wide array of dinghy sailing courses for youth between 12 and 18, from the essentials skills with OutThere sailing to courses designed to hone racing skills.

RBYC's chief training programs

Great fun and amazing coaching all through terms 4 and 1, for everyone aged 7 to 18! Over 100 participants

Learning how to sail a dinghy provides essential knowledge applicable to any kind of boat

Discover Sailing courses lead to a wide range of sailing and social opportunities, both recreational and competitive

World-class coaching

RBYC has a great line-up of coaches, both casual and part-time, experienced in pretty much every type of sailing boat.

Whether it’s Etchells, Keelboats, Dragons, 470s and 420s, 49ers and 29ers, WASZPs or Optis, we’ve got it covered! We offer private or group coaching sessions all throughout the year to anyone, members and not, of all ages.

Gain confidence, knowledge and seamanship skills with the highly experienced Yachtmaster instructors

With over 20 years experience in running sail training, the Yachtmaster school can help you with your sailing goals.

The school offers training for beginners, charterers and professionals. You’ll learn every job on a yacht: helming, navigating and sail handling because you’ll be on a yacht not just in a classroom.