RBYC Cleaner Sailing

The Cleaner Sailing Committee was recently formed to support the RBYC Strategic Plan – A Vision Towards 2030. Our role is to assist the GC to identify and promote projects, operations, and activities within the Club to improve the environmental capital and long-term  well-being of the RBYC community.

RBYC is committed to improving our environment, for example by undertaking the significant project of the installation of solar panels to ensure carbon and cost savings (see earlier newsletters). Already, some of the regattas hosted by RBYC have included Clean Regatta initiatives including water stations for re-filling personal drink bottles and Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions available in electronic format only.

The Cleaner Sailing Committee looks forward to providing more information and actions on many items including:

  • Disposal of boat waste such as batteries, EPIRBs, oil and expired fire extinguishers
  • Achieving Clean Regatta  goals for Club hosted events
  • Recycling of quality personal sailing gear

Further initiatives are in the early stages of planning.

The Cleaner Sailing Committee members are Andrew Merrett (Chair), Kalpana Merrett (Secretary), Peter Demura, Kirsten Mitchell and Jennifer Pascoe. If you are interested in the work of this group, please contact us via RBYC.

Coming soon – RBYC Sailing Gear Swap Meet

Embrace the opportunity to shed unwanted personal sailing gear and recycle for the planet.  

Too big, too small, wrong colour, wrong logo?

This is an initiative of the newly established Cleaner Sailing Committee to help reduce sailing waste.

We invite you to bring along your unwanted sailing gear to swap or recycle

*Date to be confirmed, dependent on COVID19 restrictions

Jennifer Pascoe for the CSC

 [JP1]Please link to https://www.sailorsforthesea.org/programs/clean-regattas/best-practices