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The following observations by Terry Spasevski have inspired us to create a boat profile page for the website. We encourage you to complete the below online form with information about your boat to be shared with other members. Once we have a few submissions we’ll set up the website page.

The tradition and significance of boat naming is a rich and fascinating topic that has evolved throughout history. Boat naming can be traced back to ancient Egyptian boats to modern day yachts and establish an emotional connection to the boat. During the middle-ages boat naming was for wealthy merchants and nobility to showcase their wealth and status. In more modern times boats are given names for identification and registration purposes.

Whether your boat is named to bring good luck or protection to the boat and crew, or there may be an emotional connection to make it feel like part of the family, the name of the boat should be celebrated as a ritual of passage. A boat name can reflect the boat owner’s personality, culture and history. It’s a way to connect with loved ones, places and experiences.

As a boat owner, here we invite you to share the significance of your boat name and wish you, a continued safe boating experience.

Boat Informatiom

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