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Etchells Sailing at RBYC

The Etchells fleet is keen to get more crew involved. Some boats are looking for permanent crew – but to begin with, why not come and try sailing on an Etchells during our Winter series (remaining racing days are 20 August, 3 September and 17 September). You do need some sailing experience, but keelboat or dinghy experience is fine – you don’t need to be a “hotshot”. Have you ever “end for ended” a spinnaker pole? Then foredeck on an Etchells will be easy compared to many boats. Would you be more comfortable doing main? The basic principles are the same as any boat. Etchells are not difficult to sail – just difficult to sail well, and that just takes time on the water. The Etchells fleet is happy to train some new talent – in fact, we realise it is essential for us to do that! If you’d like to come out, even just once, contact the Melbourne Fleet secretary Niesje Hees at [email protected] or on 0417 594 018.