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RBYC lady sailors success at AWKR

RBYC sailors at AWKR

Female club members enjoyed a terrific long weekend of sailing in the Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta (AWKR) held at RMYS, in some challenging conditions.

Serious Yahoo finished third overall on Event Handicap. On board were co-owner Vanessa Twigg, Sue Neales, Bronwyn Mc Ilveen, Cath Hurley and Louise Le Fevre. Katie Holroyd ( Sailing Captain of Cowes Yacht Club) was on the helm and Maria Vasardani and Dessie Hristova from Sandringham on the foredeck. It was ten years since the boat first competed in the event so great to come home with medals. Thanks to boat owner James Heywood for lending the boat and to coach Phillipe Charret for providing coaching support for the team.

RBYC regular Dragon sailors Collette Russell, Henrietta McRae, Kalpana Merrett, Maia Hester, Manuela Hester and PJ Webley borrowed a RMYS S80 club boat ESPRESSO S947. According to skipper Henrietta “We struggled with the unfamiliar boat and strong winds on the first 2 days. We were very impressed by the overall organisation of this great event for women by RMYS and especially the supporting “boat buoys” who after day 1 fixed a broken mainsail slug and gave advice on how to manage the boat. By day 3 and with light winds we redeemed ourselves, being the first S80 over the line”.

You can see Di Pearson’s regatta wrap at Sail-World and some terrific photos on the AWKR facebook page. Full results are on the AWKR website.

Article by Niesje Hees