BLiSS Experience 2024

For the second year RBYC run a BLiSS Experience to allow women sailing in the BLiSS Regatta to get some extra tuition on keelboat racing. Below is a brief review from Bronwyn Mcllveen

Firstly, it was very educational and fun and thank-fully we had good weather with sunshine over the two weeks and we appreciate the generous sponsorship for this from YRSA. Craig provided useful information in the coaching room with clear slides about weather, what forces drive the boat, sail shape control and a rough control guide for sail set with the knowledge transferable to all classes of sailing boat. He was encouraging with questions and mentioned some global sailing history as an added bonus.

Bill did a great job, was humorous and encouraging on the water, initially teaching us in the pen with the sail up as the weather had freshened. We then went out with 2 reefs in. Each person had a personal goal and Bill gave us pointers and/or the opportunity to try new skills  e.g. one person who usually trims a jib and rarely helms was given the opportunity and encouragement to helm at different points of sailing . Safety and learning how to de-power was one of the many teaching points. Racing competitively and cruising were covered in both formats, on land and on the boat. 

We will be looking at doing something similar in 2025 so keep an eye on the club news closer to April to find out more