AFL Footy Tipping

Greetings everyone,

Thanks for your enthusiastic interest in our competition.

We have an early start to Season 2024, with the ‘Opening Round‘ beginning this Thursday night, 7th March, in Sydney and featuring only four games for the round. A full slate of 9 games will happen the following week and is designated Round 1Please tip the four games this coming week, as they all count toward our final tipping rankingNote: I will not award a weekly prize for the Opening Round, as there are only the four games. 

Weekly prizes in the form of a $20.00 dining credit at the RBYC will be awarded from Week 1. To be eligible, a tipster needs to tip a perfect round and be closest on the margin game (see below).

End of Season prizes: our top 3 tipsters for the home-away rounds will also be awarded prizes after Round 24.

Please look at the following for the benefit of new tipsters and as a refresher for returning tipsters.

General Rules, including how to tip

The tipping process:  after logging in to the site, please click the tipping icon, and the matches for the next round of AFL football should appear in front of you. Point and click on the little bubble next to the team you think will win that particular match. For the first listed match for each round, you must tip a margin of victory for the winning team. You do this by entering the points margin directly into the small box located immediately below that match OR by pressing the + sign to increase the number from zero to your desired margin – you will see the number in the box increase each time you press the + sign. 

Most importantly, after you have made all your selections, you must click the large red Submit Tips icon at the bottom of the screen after the last listed match for that round. Failure to do so will mean your tips have not been recognized and you will be assigned the default tips (there is no advantage to getting the default tips). You may change your tips until about 5 minutes before game time, but if you do make a late change, remember to press the Submit Tips icon or any changes will not be recognized.

Default Tips: tipsters who fail to lodge their tips for a given round will be assigned the lowest score recorded by a tipster(s) who did submit their tips for all or some of the games in that round. For example, if the lowest score (out of 9) is 4 in a given round, any person(s) who failed to put in any tips will also receive a score of 4. If you forget to tip the first game of the round (usually a Thursday or Friday night match) but remember to tip the rest of the round, you can still get up to 8 out of 9 tips correct. If you accidentally miss a game, you get zero for that game.

Please pay close attention to the margin game when you log your tips since the prize(s) will only go to the person who tips nine winners AND is closest to the actual margin for the margin game. Only if more than one person tips a perfect round AND has an identical lowest margin as another tipster will more than one dining credit be awarded.

Please place your tips for the opening round by this Thursday.


P.S.  If you do not want to participate in the tipping this year, please let me know via return email and I will remove your name from our competition. Thank you.