Can’t find Crew ?

This is a problem we hear from boat owners all the time, and yes it can be difficult to get crew, but the club is here to help, and we have a fantastic Crew Matching System.
This system allows people to list themselves as Available to Crew and for skippers to list their Boats as looking for Crew.
The system is simple to use and accessed via the sign-on app on your phone, tablet, or PC
We currently have over 60 people listed looking to find a crew position, they have varied skills and experience, but all are keen to get on the water and be part of the club. Some have already taken out a membership.
Although we encourage the sailors to contact skippers, we now need skippers to make use of this ever-growing pool of sailors and reach out to them. Remember as someone new to a club it can be a bit daunting to reach out.
Many of the sailors looking to crew have some form of experience, either from past or present sailing or they have done one of our sail training courses, so you never know who you will find.
We want as many boats on the water as often as possible, especially during twilight sailing when it is more relaxed and a great way to get someone familiar with your boat and crew.
There are full details on the crew matching system on our website via the below link or call the sailing office to discuss. Remember put your boat on the list so our sailors know you are looking for crew.