Club Newsletter

News from GC: 2 May

Hello again fellow members. It is that time again for my little newsletter input.
Here we are coming towards the end of another busy season with so many major events perfectly run by RBYC. All of the members of the club are involved in these bigger events and the mid week and weekend sailing and always the success is down to all our club’s volunteers, admin staff, café staff, all members and the team Commodore has working with her, thank you all.
One of my personal favourite things to do this time of year is hitting “marine traffic website” and following the intrepid voyagers from our club travel to warmer climates for a few months or more. I do enjoy logging in to check progress a couple of times a day to see where these adventurers are and keep an eye on the weather heading their way.
This year I am watching closely Caprice, It’s A Privilege, Gusto and Sagred. They are all going well with Caprice the furthest north who are at Yamba, ask Gordon how much fun they had going into the Clarence River bar to Yamba next time you see him, it was exciting by all accounts. I like to think they all enjoy getting the odd email to make sure they are all going well.
When this goes to press the Cerberus will have been run and won and the big BBQ on the hardstand will be all done.
Marnie and Cath have certainly got the Bliss series super sorted, and some great programs have been implemented and all participants have been having a tremendous time making new friends, rekindling old friendships and learning heaps both on and off the water – a truly amazing thing our club does and really well run – may it long continue.
The social committee is doing a marvelous job so when you can get involved.
On a sad note it was a tragedy to see the passing of Macca. Macca nearly got to 70 years membership and is a terrible loss to all who had the honour of knowing him, I am sure a lot of people do not realize how much he did for our club quietly in the background. I first meet Macca in 1993 when he did the offshore safety audit on my boat, he must have done hundreds over the years. He was always there to help people.
In closing the sailing committee have got some big events coming up in the next sailing season so if you want to get involved, please put your hand up, the volunteers are the life blood of our club and every club and it is terribly rewarding and fun.

The RBYC family