Club Keelboats Newsletter


Are there any non racing boat owners who might be interested in experiencing a race or two in their own boat but would appreciate some advice/assistance?

Our Wednesday night twilights are the ideal intro to racing and we can help with some experienced racing sailors willing to crew for you and help explain how a race works including rules, strategy, boat speed optimisation etc…

The benefit of our PURSUIT twilight is that boats have different start times (depending on size and previous results) so any pressure of all boats converging at the one start is gone!!!

The concept of PURSUIT is that towards the end of the race boats start to converge; the faster boats catching up with the slower ones making for an exciting finish.

Also the race is relatively short – typically an hour or so – finally it is a great way to break up the working week;)

If you are interested in finding out more, even if you think it may not be for you, please contact me. 

Other options include joining one of our existing boats just to experience a race initially.

Even if you try and decide it’s not for you, hopefully you would have picked up some useful tips.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact 

Neil Sargeant 0439885971.   [email protected]