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Mooring in the marina

We ask all boat owners take a moment to read this article on the best practices for dock lines in the RBYC marina

With winter upon us its a good time to ensure that you vessel is secured to the marina in the correct manner. To avoid any damage to your vessel, other vessels and the marina we are asking all owners to take the time to check there lines and update as required. We have noticed a number of vessels that are not secured correctly either by not using the correct type of rope, the position of the lines and the condition of the lines.

Things to check include
1: Are you using the correct type of line (see below)
2: What is the condition of the lines( ropes that have been in the open air/water will deteriorate and weaken and should be replaced
3: How are the lines secured to the dock (If your lines stay on the dock, having a spliced eye on the cleat is recommended)
4: The number of lines used.(We request 4)

Please take a moment to read the Dock Line Practices document