Victorian Opti State Championships 

For the first time in what seems like a while, we are proud to be able to report on our junior representatives who attended their very first state championships over the long weekend in Mornington! RBYC sent off 7 brave sailors and parents into the wild that was the 78-boat regatta, with 1 sailor in the intermediate fleet, and 6 in green fleet. Using a combination of chartered club boats and recently purchased own boats, we would like to commend the team on just how well they took ownership and responsibility of their equipment. Reports from the regatta note that the Brighton team took on all the challenges presented to them with a smile and eagerness to learn more, something alone that should be celebrated above results!
The transition from the protection of club programs to competing at intrastate regattas is a big one, requiring a new level of parent engagement as well as a step up in financial and time commitment. A Massive well done must be extended beyond the sailors but also to the parent group for taking a really big step into a world that some of them know absolutely nothing about – Great work.
It is exciting to see the success of the club green fleet program be able to support a group through this experience and have them all come back excited for more – a true credit to our green fleet coaches and the coaches of the foundational levels that got them here.
We look forwards to seeing our smiling assassins get better and better as time goes on and we cant wait to see what they can achieve at their next event.
Zelie Goussard – 19th
Green Fleet
Charlie Sam’s – 9th
William Marburg – 10th
Terry Ding – 13th
Alex Zhang – 14th
Harmony Lucas – 17th
Theodore Altson – 18th