Training Dates

As of the 5th of February we resume our usual school term programs, running (almost) every Sunday throughout term 1. Enrollments are now open on the website, with loads more information than what I can fit into this email.

IN THE MORNINGS 9am to 12pm

Tiny Tackers (5 and 6 years old)

We are thrilled to announce that following a successful summer, we will be making tiny tackers a permanent addition to our pathway, including running for the duration of term one. This program is perfect for kids wanting to learn to sail, but aren’t quite old enough for their pathway courses yet.

Enrollments and information about this unique play-based program is available here.

Junior Fun and Adventure (7 -12 years old)

This program is designed for children who have completed Tacker’s intro, Tackers 1 , or are new to sailing. This course ensure that sailors have perfected the foundations of their sailing and are prepared to handle more complex techniques moving forwards.

Perfect for the new sailor, growing sailor, or sailor who has had a few months off – enrollments to the program are available here.

Junior Skills and Drills (7 -12 years old)

This program builds on the foundations that have been taught in Tackers 2 and/or Junior Fun and Adventure. Using a combination of games and drills, tis program begins to teach sailors more complex boat handling manouvers that will keep them safe for independent sailing, and become useful should they wish to become a racer! Sign up or read more here.


Youth Challenge (12 -17 years old years old)

Designed specifically with youth in mind, this program is suitable for teens who are new to sailing and or have completed OutThere experience or OutThere 1. Sailed in the RS Quest, this program encourages sailor to have fun and socialize with their cohort, whilst also encouraging team work and collaboration in order to achieve the curriculum points throughout the term. Click here to learn all about it.

Youth Skills (12 -17 years old years old)

Continuing to challenge sailors beyond their foundation is the Youth Skills Group. Designed for sailors who have completed Youth Challenge and/or OutThere 2, this program begins to introduce new skills and activities to the sailors and encourages them to get out of thei comfort zone a little more! Still focusing on adventure and fun, this program suits both the competitive and the social youth. Sign up or read about it via this link.


Green Fleet (7 -12 years old)

Continuing the junior pathway is our Green Fleet, the program that takes kids out of their plastic opti’s in Tackers 3 or Junior Skills and Drills and into racing! Sailors will be supported around a racecourse during club racing every Sunday, as well as have racing specific drills to target the areas of improvement required. Green fleet is also the stage in which sailors and families are encouraged and supported to the purchasing of their own optimist and begin independent sailing. For more information on what green fleet is all about, and where to sign up, click here.

Youth Racing Squad (12-17 years old)

For those teenagers who wish to take their sailing beyond drills and games, we have the Youth Racing Squad. Open to anyone who has completed OutThere 3 or Youth Skills, this program gets sailors out onto the racecourse for our Club racing whilst their coach is able to engage with them and give them real time feedback. A perfect introduction to racing,  this squad also sets sailors up with the goal of representing RBYC at the annual Stonehaven Cup, an interstate amateur regatta held in January every year. Read more about it here.

29er Squad (12-17 years old)

Using the Olympic youth pathway boat – the 29er, this squad takes teenagers out of their traditionally learning pathway and moves them into the competitive world. The 29er is a whole new beast of a boat introducing skills such as trapezing and trimming an asymmetrical kite. This squad takes teens that have spent 6-12 months in youth racing squad and aims to get them competing at a state and national level.  Sign up via this link.

For any questions, I am best to contact via email, or you can call the sailing office at (05) 9592 3092.

Kind Regards,

Laura Thomson

OTB Coordinator

Royal Brighton Yacht Club