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Honorary Treasurers Report

Having been Treasurer a number of years ago, I am pleased to fill the role again. Like technology, processes have moved on and become much more automated – gone are the days of having an account and and cheques being drawn. However, the fundamentals of financial management and governance are the same.

The Finance Committee, reporting to the General Committee acts as the “financial strategy group” made up of both Flag Officers and non-Committee members with financial expertise. The Club is in a sound financial position and the Treasurer and Finance Committee have an important stewardship role.

My other is interest is Race Management. Yes, I did sail years ago and enjoyed the pleasure of sailing competitively, both within Port Phillip and in Bass Strait. Race Management is fun and it can take you to other clubs and interstate. When you visit other clubs you come to realise how lucky we are at RBYC with our Race Management Team and the equipment we have to work with. Now for the plug. We need more volunteers and younger volunteers to learn the ropes so to speak. A number of our volunteers are in their 70’s and 80’s. Do speak to our sailing office if you are interested in becoming involved

Murray Cowdell
Hon Treasurer