This year we are donating to Sailing lift your spirits

Sailing Lifts Your Spirits gives first time sailing experiences to our community of First Responders and Frontline Healthcare workers. It promotes the benefits of Sailing, through The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing program for strengthening Resilience. During the free 4-hour sailing experience, participants learn, from experienced sailors, about the multiple pathways into recreational and competitive sailing. The Sailing Lifts Your Spirits program is currently based at RBYC. Last season over 364 Healthcare workers had the opportunity to experience a sailing evening, along with the volunteer Boat Owners, Experienced Sailors and Shore Crew. Proceeds from Oaks Day Lunch auctions, sweeps and raffles will be used to expand the program to cater for more guests, funding two tablets and associated software to automate the registration process and collect program feedback, as well as a branded registration marquee