Access to RBYC Marina

Last updated: 19/08/2020

Parks Victoria have moved the fence on the pier from the current location to further down the pier past the first landing and provided the necessary induction process to RBYC staff to handover to its members.

All boat owners will be required to undertake an induction process to ensure the safety when accessing the pier. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions this will be conducted remotely and all boat owners have now been emailed a unique URL code to complete the induction online.

It is vitally important that we adhere to all instructions – this will include not allowing members of the public past the gate and keeping it locked at all times.

Under stage 4 restrictions all Recreational Boating is not permitted.

RBYC can have caretaker staff on duty during stage 4 restrictions. There is a staff member on duty daily at the club where they will be walking the Marina and reporting on any issues we have with boats and/or dock lines.

The ferry service phone number 0484 741 261 has now been changed to the Marina Hotline number and will be available for members to contact the staff member on duty. If you have a specific request for checking your boat please call this number and speak to the staff member on duty. Alternatively, I am happy to receive phone calls or emails at any time details below.

We are looking forward to seeing you back at the club at some stage, in the meantime stay safe.

Phil Hall

Boating Manager

[email protected] or 0437 454 998