Reciprocal Clubs

General Committee: Tony Hennessy

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to play a very pleasant 9 holes of golf at the Woodlands Golf Club with some of my fellow members on the RBYC Social Committee. We then followed the game with a very pleasant lunch within the golf clubs dining facilities. The social committee had arranged this outing via our club’s reciprocal club rights program which is available to most membership categories within our club.

It dawned upon me how I had personally under appreciated the additional value adds that our club membership offers. So, I thought I would use this forum to highlight the clubs that RBYC has reciprocal rights with the intention of encouraging members to maximise their memberships value.
Woodlands Golf Club is one of the country’s premier golf courses and under normal circumstances, a course that I would unlikely ever get to play. Now, golf may not be your interest, but there are plenty of other clubs, including many prestigious local and international yacht clubs that RBYC has reciprocal rights with. Please see list below.
Finally, I would always recommend contacting the Club office first to understand the formalities as I understand some of the clubs listed below require a letter of introduction which the club can arrange for you.

Yours Aye
Tony Hennessy

• Royal Geelong Yacht Club
• Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron
• Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
• Spring Valley Golf Club
• Woodlands Gold Club
• The Kelvin Club
• Royal Perth Yacht Club
• Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
• Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
• Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania
• Southport Yacht Club
• Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
• Manhasset Bay Yacht Club
• Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
• Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
• Royal Canadian Yacht Club
• Royal Dart Yacht Club
• Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
• Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
• Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
• Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club
• Royal Thames Yacht Club
• Marina One 15 Singapore
• The Hebe Haven Yacht Club, Hong Kong