RBYC History

The Cerberus Picnic

This is the first in a series of short snippets about our club’s history, which we will periodically share with readers in the Tuesday newsletter. If you know of some interesting club history, please let us know.

Did you know that between 1903 and 1918, our club had a branch at Half Moon Bay, Black Rock? It proved a valuable asset for the club, but after 15 years, the members voted to break away and form the Black Rock Yacht Club. In 1926, the warship HMVS Cerberus was sunk in Half Moon Bay to provide a breakwater for the club. Ever since, the wreck has provided enjoyment for scuba divers, swimmers, and, for many years, sailors! RBYC held its end-of-season race to the Cerberus. A trophy was struck from part of the Cerberus’ decking and a plaque was awarded to the boat that achieved line honours on handicap. A big party commenced on the Cerberus deck at the race’s conclusion. The RBYC support boat, in advance, transported a barbecue, sandwiches, and beer kegs. The club steward would be there to organize all the refreshments. The event was very popular for many years during the middle of the last century. Long-time club captain Harry Tedstone said, ‘It  was a terrific fun day and the only problem was a few headaches afterward.’

Mary-Alice Tedstone supplied the accompanying photo taken at a Cerberus Picnic. We are not sure who took this photo or which year it was taken, but a few familiar faces can be identified.