OAKS Day Review

Fortune Favours the Brave

When Wednesday twilight sailing was cancelled and rain squalls came through overnight, many wondered about the wisdom of “Oaks Day lunch on the lawn”. However, fortune favours the brave and when staff arrived at 6:00 am Thursday to set up, the future was looking decidedly brighter. Within hours the yard was sparkling and gorgeous, ready to welcome the 160 guests. What a beautiful afternoon! Great company, wonderful food and an unparalleled setting. Proceeds from the auctions and raffles went to Sailing Lifts Your Spirits, a cause dear to our hearts. Guests enjoyed the sweeps, the best dressed competition, and the DJ on the deck afterwards. There was room for the Lasers to go out sailing, and many guests were seen still dancing at 9:00 pm. Photos from Paula Marszalek captured the joy of the day far better than words. Thanks to all the volunteers, staff and sponsors for making it happen.

To see the official images please use the below link, and passwords OAKS. You can download images from there.