Commodores Report

A Guide to the Annual Report

I have taken time to reflect ahead of this evening’s AGM and look forward to seeing many of you there, not just for the meeting but to meet more informally in the member’s bar afterwards. For those who can’t make it, here are some observations about the past year, and the direction the club is taking, with reference to relevant sections of the Annual Report.

The pillars of the Club Strategy remain as relevant as they were when the Strategy was published in 2020, and I am encouraged that the Club is moving forward on all fronts, thanks to the staff, volunteers and committees.

  • The Commodores Report (Page 5 of the Annual Report) provides an overall summary of the past year in relation to the strategic pillars.
  • The Club Captains Report (Page 7) summarises the extensive and varied 22/23 sailing program and achievements of sailing members. We are excited about the sailing season ahead.
  • The Assets Report (Page 10) refers to projects completed last year and underway, as well as the ongoing challenges associated with longer term projects.
  • The Membership, Icebergers/ Aquatic, Cruising Reports (Pages 12- 15) can be read within the context ofthe club reaching record membership numbers last year, across all membership types. It is worth reading the subcommittee reports to gain a greater appreciation of the passionate and active membership groups across the club. The IDAG Report (Page 16) reinforces our focus on celebrating inclusion and diversity. The Social Report (Page 18) highlights the great work of the Social Sub-committee in bringing members together.
  • The Cleaner Sailing report (Page 17) covers a variety of projects initiated by this committed sub-committee.
  • Finally, the Financial Report and Treasurers Report (page 20) summarise the Club’s financial position.

Throughout my working life I’ve always found that the best relationships are forged when working together towards a common goal. This applies to teams sailing together, as well as committees guiding projects and events. While I’ve been a club member for over 30 years, I’ve learnt a great deal about what it takes to run a club in my first year as Commodore, and I’m grateful to the help and advice of several past Commodores, club members and staff. I’ve appreciated having a supportive General Committee and have relied on their perspectives and constructive contributions. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead.

This year is the 40th anniversary of Australia II winning the America’s Cup, which we’ll celebrate on Opening Day, in conjunction with the 80’s theme. Hope to see you there!