News From GC – 30 May

Well it is that time of the year when certain activities at the Club slow up, in particular the centre course racing, which is having a break for a couple of months. That of course does not mean the sailing will stop altogether. There will be keel boat racing conducted from the tower and some Sunday OTB racing. Watch the newsletter for dates and times.

I can also report that the replacement gate to the hardstand is being installed. Yes, work has commenced, and it is hoped to have the new gate operational by Friday. It has been a long time coming but will be worth the wait.

Other activities that I am involved in, include an all-day Sailing Summit put on by Australian Sailing. Commodore and I will hear the latest news from our peak body in sailing. I am sure that Commodore will report back after the road show.

Other events occurring during my down time from centre course racing include attending a first aid course and as a trainer in power boat handling. I will also be attending an annual updating course covering all aspects of coaching and training. We get to hear all the changes that are being made.

In June, there a Race Management course that I will be attending. There are a number of members form RBYC who are attending this course, which, is again run by Australian Sailing. The Club is very fortunate to have a number of international judges and race officers who will be taking the courses. If there is anyone interested in attending (2 days) they can register via the Australian Sailing website. Australia Sailing also offer some free on-line courses relating to race management.

As Honorary Treasurer, I will be looking at the finances of the Club and preparing the end of year results. Its only a month away.

Murray Cowdell

Honorary Treasurer