Club Newsletter

40 Year Member – Jan Ferguson

On 21 March 2023, at the half yearly General Meeting, three female club members will receive their 40 year medallions, the first women to be awarded this recognition; Mary-Alice Tedstone, Jan Ferguson, and Past Commodore Wendy Luck. The following reflections are from Jan Ferguson

I had only been introduced to sailing in 1982 at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club by a colleague/ flat mate who asked me to help her refurbish her Dragon. She was one of the first females members of RFBYC and had been for a couple of years.
I knew nothing about yachts prior to this so she introduced me to the sport. I loved it!
I came back to Melbourne in January 1983 and was proposed by Brett Bowden.
Then being grilled by Avon Paterson and the Associates committee was certainly an experience!
I did wonder why I couldn’t be a full member with the rights that go with it was a surprise to me as it was very different to RFBYC where women were more accepted.
To my surprise, at the next half year general meeting, we (women) were given full membership.
I was later lucky to marry Glenn who also loves the sport and so have remained a member all this time. RBYC is a huge part of our lives and we have enjoyed the friendships and sailing that have only occurred by participating in this wonderful club.