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Life Jacket Recycling Program

RBYC is proud to support the LifeBag life jacket recycling program

LifeBags are collecting old or redundant life jackets and remaking them into useful, durable, waterproof day bags.

Old lifejackets often make their way into landfill as the cost of a new lifejacket can be cheaper than the cost of the mandatory certified testing after 2 years of ownership.

The project collects old / redundant PFDs from Yacht, Sailing and Fishing Clubs around Port Phillip Bay and re-purposes them into useful shoulder bags.

This work is done via a collaboration with a St Kilda based Social Enterprise called “Space 2 B” who support and provide work opportunities for newly arrived refugees living in Melbourne.

The last run of bags was completed by Ada a Hong Kong citizen who sought political asylum in Australia during the recent pro-democracy demonstrations.

The programme is a not –for-profit programme that profit shares back into the local community to fund the Volunteer Marine Rescue [VMR] and educational programmes that teach people water safety…. so even though the jackets can’t save lives on the water any more their sale can fund the volunteer organisations that do.

The LifeBags are initially being sold via the Space2B retail outlet in Chapel Street St Kilda and we are keen to look into additional ways of selling the bags, so any suggestions would be welcomed.

To donate your old lifejackets a Yellow wheelie bin has been placed outside the Sail Repair Locker. We look forward to your donations.