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Below is a register of RBYC vessels. Read more about the boat, the owners and what significance there is in the boat name.

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Boat Name Cavarlo

Owners Lou & Marnie Irving

Boat Rego/Sail Number B779

Boat Description Cavalier 395

Origin of boat name

We bought Cavarlo from one of the decorated heroes of the Vietnamese war and his Italian wife. ‘Cavallo’ is the Italian word for ‘horse’, with a linkage in meaning to the ‘white hoses’ of the ocean waves. Harry & Francesca changed the spelling of the word by including an ‘R’ to ensure that the name was pronounced correctly.

Boat History

Cavarlo is described as a racer/cruiser. She was built in Sydney in 1999, designed by Laurie Davidson of America’s Cup fame. She spent most of her life cruising in Queensland prior to us buying her in 2010.
A slightly smaller version of our boat, a Cavalier 37, was sailed by Kay Cottee, the first woman to perform a single-handed, non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the world in 1988.

Highlights of your time as owner

The emotional relief and excitement of arriving in Hobart after M2H Westcoaster, Eastcoaster, and Launceston-Hobart races.
The meditative experience of spending a month circumnavigating Tassie as part of the VDLC.

What are your plans

A month in southwest Tasmania next February, including exploring the anchorages between Cockle Creek and Bathurst Harbour, looking from the sea at the agonising glory of all those rugged mountains