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General Manager Report – August

GM Report
We are approaching the Annual General Meeting and publication of the RBYC Annual Report, a time to take stock of the past year. There are several projects underway which will extend into the coming year, as well as some work which is near completion. Here is a snapshot of some of the current activities.

The Forecourt Redevelopment is close to the tender stage, with a view to having the work done over next winter. Soil testing has been conducted at the site – you may have noticed some disruption to the garden and front fences while this was being done. An alteration to the planning permit for the driveway redevelopment has been submitted to obtain permission to have a ‘keep clear’ zone at the exit from our carpark. A contractor has been sourced to disassemble the current flagpole to have its maintenance requirements assessed. The flagpole will need to be relocated with the driveway development. You can see details of the planned development at this link.

We are aware the current situation with the race tower is not ideal, with no power to the tower, and the race tower only accessible by boat. We are awaiting a quote to reinstate power to the tower, while as the same time exploring the option of commissioning a new tower from stacked shipping containers on the hard stand. All options will be assessed to determine the best way forward.

Carpark drainage works are near completion. Thanks to Glenn Norton for his help in getting this done. On the maintenance front, weeds have been sprayed on marina and clubhouse surrounds. Lighting upgrades (LCD) are being installed in the Members Bar & Bayview Rooms. Witt Marine is being engaged for some attenuator repairs. New Wi Fi access points have been installed; this has improved the coverage over the clubhouse whilst also improving our cyber security network. The background music in the Restaurant & Deck areas has been re-instated and the chimney in the members bar has been swept. In coming weeks, a cleanup of the hardstand is being planned.

An application to be accredited as a Clean Marina (as recommended by the Cleaner Sailing subcommittee) has been lodged. We will now be assessed by Clean Marina auditors, BMT. The recycled battery storage box on the hard stand has been upgraded to comply with regulations.

We are still in the process of obtaining a permit for dredging inside the marina, awaiting a response from DELWP. Regarding the renewal of our seabed lease, the survey of the seabed lease area has been completed and sent to the Valuer General, and we are awaiting a response via Parks Victoria.

All RBYC staff are looking forward to the opening of the sailing season and the year ahead. We draw your attention to the September School holiday program – there is an article about the Junior and Youth Sailing pathways further down in this newsletter.