News From GC- Peter Coleman

Hello again fellow members.

Well, it sure is winter.  I expect it is like this every year being windy, wet and cold but one tends to blank out the unpleasant times of the past.

I believe all our intrepid voyagers have safely reached their respective destinations, notably now in warmer climates.

I have no doubt we have all been watching their progress, enviously in a lot of cases so it is a good time ask each boat if they could do a little half pager for the weekly club newsletter telling us all your plans and any notable excitement, eg, Gordon and Caprice about the Yamba bar entrance. Being winter, a lot of us need to live out some good times through your adventurers so pressure is on now to produce please.

The club has been very busy I note with lots of activity in the café and members’ bar.

One item of interest is the snooker table activity and Saturday and Sunday afternoons which has seen explosive growth in participation with the introduction of kelly pool. Last Saturday we had 11 people playing at once, splendid fun and everyone is welcome to join Mr Norton and his loyal band of helpers to have some well-deserved fun and meet new and old members.

Over the next 4-6 weeks a lot of our members fly north for the festivities up in the Whitsundays, so safe trips to all. We also have a lot of members heading way further north (Europe) for world championships, so again safe trips to all involved.

The RBYC family


Note: Pete will be in Europe from 7 July to 20 August, competing in the 2.4 worlds and the para sailing worlds. We’ll be hoping for regular updates while he is away.