Sunday Volunteer Registration


Be involved!

Volunteering is a great way to have a shared experience with your children and become part of an amazing community we call RBYC.

The program relies on volunteers for many aspects, from running the canteen to providing on-water assistance during regattas; and we strongly encourage all parents to be involved.

Volunteering is a very rewarding experience that gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and make lifelong connections.


Sign on/off desk (8.45am-9.15am and 11.50am-12.15pm)

Your tasks will include:

  • Manning the sign on/off desk, making sure all participants sign on/off
  • Assign a coloured bib to each participant depending on which group they belong to
  • Advise coaches and training manager of who hasn’t signed on/off after the cutoff times

Canteen (11.00am-12.30pm)

Your tasks will include:

  • Prep the canteen BBQ (gas bottles, tools and food are supplied by the club)
  • Cook food
  • Serve food to participants at the end of the training session, collecting the fee
  • Give daily takings to training manager
  • Clean up the canteen area and BBQ at the end of the day

Beach marshal (9.30am-11.45am)

Your tasks will include:

  • Supervising the bike path while participants are crossing
  • Provide support on land for boats launching/coming back ashore
  • Help rigging/unrigging the boats (if you have experience with it)

In this role there is a strong chance your feet/legs/waist will get wet. Wear accordingly!

On-water help (9.30am-11.45am)

Your tasks will include:

  • Provide support to our coaches onboard one of our rescue boats

For this role, the following certificates/competencies are recommended:

  • Marine licence
  • Some knowledge of sailing
  • Good physical condition and health

Green Team (9.30am-10.30am)

Help us keeping our beaches/oceans clean! Your tasks will include:

  • Picking up and properly disposing of trash washed up ashore on the beach in front of the club

Equipment will be provided by the club.

Frequently asked questions

When and where does the program run?

The program runs on Sunday mornings starting at 9.00am from the Jock Sturrock Sailing Centre located in the South West corner of the yacht club. The morning session ends at 12.00pm. This is then followed by lunch, which should be ordered from the canteen prior to commencing the morning’s activities.

There are two intake periods, following the fourth and first terms of the school year as follows:

  • Pre-Christmas: Commencing around mid-October each year
  • Post-Christmas: Commencing around the same time of Term 1 for public schools

If weather permits, the children spend most of the session on the water. Otherwise, inside activities are used to teach theory and practical skills such as knots, seamanship and tactics.

Do I need a lifejacket?

Yes, a PFD type 1 or 2 lifejacket must be worn at all times on the water. Enquire at the RBYC Sailing Office for suggestions and deals with our partners.

What kind of clothing do I need?

Children will be splashing in and out of dinghies all the time. Inevitably, they will get wet. Their clothes should be selected with this in mind. They should wear clothing that will remain warm when wet. A wetsuit or similar is recommended.

Enclosed footwear should be worn at all times for safety reasons. Examples include wetsuit boots, sandshoes or surf socks.

Hat and sunscreen are also required. The hat should be attached to the rest of the clothing by a lanyard (sailor talk for a bit of string) to avoid getting lost. Parents should supervise the application of sunscreen to their children. UV reflects off the water, increasing UV exposure.

After sailing, children will require a change of clothes. A small bag with the change and a towel is useful. If children are cold and wet, showers are available.

Are there ways for parents to be involved?

The program relies heavily on parent participation to carry out many different activities. No experience is required! Our amazing community will teach you all there is to know.

Coaches need assistance to maximise safety on the beach and on the water. Parents who have a boat licence and can assist with safety boat operations are encouraged to participate.

A canteen is run from the Jock Sturrock Sailing Centre. Volunteers will be rostered over the season to assist with staffing of the canteen.

In order to volunteer you are required to have a valid Working With Children Check.