Covid 19

In this page you’ll be able to find all the latest updates on the Club’s policies in place at various stages of the COVID 19 epidemic.

Message from the Commodore

Updated 17/05/2020

Tomorrow, Wednesday 13th, marks the first day that boating of any kind is permitted in Victoria, and members have indicated that they are keen to get back out as soon as possible.

Tomorrow would be a normal Wednesday afternoon race from the Tower and while the club cannot run any racing, recreational sailing is permitted as is training. There are a number of restrictions on the type of sailing and significant restrictions on the number of crew that would be allowed on board. As a result of this reduced number of crew, the club will be increasing the safety awareness and not running any activities on days of heightened risk and self steering gear will be permitted during keelboat training sessions.

As a result, there will be no organised or supported sailing on Wednesday 13th of May due to the forecast of rain, 20 knots and 1.5m seas at the top end of the bay. However, the forecast for Thursday looks significantly better and the plan is to run some very informal training on Thursday for Keelboats at 1330.

This will continue to be the case where if the forecast is marginal, we will reschedule for the following day, e.g. if Wednesday looks bad, we will “Try again Thursday”. For Saturdays we may run a Sunday morning session.
As this is a completely abnormal set of circumstances, we request that you register your interest in participating in club supported sailing and training so that we can plan resources accordingly. If you could provide some sort of indication as to when you are likely to sail this would be most helpful. Please register at:

If there is enough interest, there will be OTB training on Friday afternoon and/or Sunday morning.
Another important point is that the club is required to maintain a register of people who participate, and we will be using the sign on app to do this, so it is important that you use the app (see below for details).
Some more detail around sailing within the Victorian Government and Australian Institute of Sport guidelines:

  • RBYC will not be running any competitions, but recreational sailing and training is permitted.
  • Club change rooms will be closed, but toilets on the hard stand and in the north east corner of the rigging lawn will be open
  • Keelboats/Etchells/Dragons – You can go sailing recreationally or training in a keel boat with up to 10 people that are living together, or where a distance of 1.5m can generally be maintained. For most keelboats this would mean 2, 3, 4 people per boat and probably 2 people on an Etchells or Dragon. Please do not congregate with other crews when entering or exiting the marina.
  • OTB – You can go sailing recreationally or training in a single handed dinghy only at this stage, but hopefully this will change at the end of May. No more than 10 people can be in the same area in the rigging lawn at any one time and you are required to keep the 1.5m distancing. The club requests that if more than 10 people are present on the green rigging lawn that some sailors move their boat to the other side of the fence in the area in front of the Jock Sturrock Centre, or on to the beach. Even on the beach, please ensure that no more than 10 people could be viewed as being in a group.
  • The club is required by law to maintain a list of all participants. This will be done by using the sign on/off app that was in use prior to the lockdown. The one change is that previously it was possible to sign in the “boat” without having to specify which of the crew list were on board on any particular day. Signing on you are now required to click on the names of the people on board on any particular day. To setup the app, go to using your phone or your computer. For any assistance, please contact the sailing office before you go on the water.

Other general guidelines

  • Sailors are requested where possible to arrive dressed for the activity and change at home afterwards, i.e. there is the concept of “get in, get out”.
  • Sailors are encouraged to get the flu shot
  • Sailors are encouraged to download the COVIDsafe app
  • Sailors regularly reminded not to take part if unwell
  • Sailors who suddenly feel unwell to be sent home and to follow govt Health Guidelines
  • Cleaning of all equipment to take place before and after activity including participants own equipment and boats

Paul Pascoe