Covid 19

In this page you’ll be able to find all the latest updates on the Club’s policies in place at various stages of the COVID 19 epidemic.

Message from the Commodore

Updated 08/07/2020

As everyone is aware, Melbourne is back in lockdown as of 11:59PM this evening. It is not quite the same as the initial lockdown, but not far off it.

The relevant changes that affect the club are:

• There will be no club racing or training organised by the club
• Recreational sailing is permitted as long as it is with members of your household, or with one person from outside your household. The 1.5 meter social distancing rule must be adhered to at all times and there is to be no sharing of equipment.
• The ferry service will be running as usual from 10am – 4pm Mon-Friday and 9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday, although with the restriction above, at present the ferry can only take one person in addition to the driver

• The members bar, gym and change rooms will be closed.
• The Cafe is open for takeaway coffee, Monday to Friday 7.30am – 9.30am and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 2pm
• Takeaway meals will be available as before. Wednesday to Saturday – 5pm to 8pm – order online or call 0460 770 935

• Presentation night will be postponed to a later date
• Elections and the AGM will take place as usual, although they will probably be held electronically.
• The July 25/26th Winter Warmer regatta is postponed

Australian Sailing are meeting with Victorian Sport and Recreation on Thursday and the club has provided AS with a number of questions for clarification, e.g. what level of boat inspection/maintenance is allowable, does the one additional person apply to our ferry service, etc. As soon as we have further information, we will forward to members.

We were so close to having this under control and the actions of a few people letting down their guard has put the whole state back into an unenviable position. The volunteers and staff at the club are doing their best to work within the guidelines and keep all of us safe, so I would ask that members respect the limits of what the club can offer members and if everyone one of us abides by these rules, we will be back to sailing for the start of the season and hopefully this will all become just a distance dark memory of a “winter lost”.

Paul Pascoe