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Boat Name VXcine

Owners David Williamson

Boat Rego/Sail Number Aus 316

Boat Description VX One

Origin of boat name

After sailing a Flying Fifteen which l owned/raced both nationally & internationally, I felt it was time to move the boat on after successfully transitioning into the RS100 class and becoming a member RBYC. Six months later CO-vid had settleed in and as deenmed an essential service provider, I found myself working 7 days a week and mostly on my own during seemingly endless weekends of work dreaming when will i ever go sailing again. At that time I found my self while enjoying the RS100 also lamenting my memorable happy times sailing a crewed boat. I missed the comoradary of celererbrating with my freinds the almost victories and the experiences along the way. So another crewed journey entered my mind. The VX One Sportsboat was the obvious choice and while many names were a play on the boat design it seemed appropriate that while in the world’s most locked down city, that this boat would be indeed the vacine that my mind & body craved. And so, VXcine came to pass. As a specialist in the stainless steel industry, it seemd that the planets had aligned when I was offered the next boat number & hull available. Aus 316 ( a high grade Stainless Steel)

Boat History

In the 2 1/2 years of ownership she has represented RBYC in several states and travelled in excess of 16,000 klm’s.

Highlights of your time as owner

A simple one design boat with only 7 ropes in total, it’s so easy to sail. Very wide & stable, she is a pleasure to sail and I have had the pleasure of having over 30 different people come for a sail and enjoy quite often a reintrodcution to dsailing from many years prior and enjoying RBYC. The class has grown from 2 after my purchase to now 10 at RBYC in 2 years. Looking forward the 2024 national championships to be held at RBYC next January

What are your plans

While l’m planning on while representing RBYC in the class overseas, I’m looking forward to just slowing down and sailing the occassional Wednesday afternoon/evening from the club to regular club racing with past & new freinds.