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Mid Gybe Crisis

Boat Name Mid Gybe Crisis

Owners Niesje Hees

Boat Rego/Sail Number AUS1277

Boat Description

Origin of boat name

Boat History

I bought my boat from Pete Coleman who is very good at coming up with boat names. I think the name speaks for itself, although I’m probably a bit past “Mid Gybe” by now. I have been sailing Etchells for 24 years and this is my second Etchells.

Highlights of your time as owner

I have sailed mostly at the club level though I have enjoyed a couple of Nationals and State Titles at RBYC, Geelong and Metung. I went to the Worlds in Pittwater in January 2000 which was a real learning experience. In recent years I have been fortunate to have the same terrific crew sailing with me; Josh Reid and Cliff Gibson.

What are your plans

I’ll continue to sail in Club racing at RBYC. There is nothing like close one design racing – really fun.