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2022 Bass Strait Cruise

The 2022 annual Bass Strait Cruise in Company will take place between Saturday February 26th and Monday March 15th 2022.

This is a “Cruise in Company” of like-minded cruising sailors who wish to sail in company of other boats and crews for a couple of weeks in the environs of Bass Strait.  Each skipper is responsible for his or her own boat and is free to join or leave the cruise at any stage, and is responsible for their own decisions as to when and where to go. We offer no formal advice other than our individual experiences as fellow cruisers.

A volunteer cruise facilitator will coordinate gatherings and events, liaise with VTS Lonsdale when leaving the Bay, and with harbour masters if we go to somewhere like Apollo Bay, and run radio scheds while we are sailing, etc.

We will meet up at the Queenscliff Cruising Yacht Club on the first night of the Cruise, where we will have a BBQ, and meet to discuss the weather forecasts, and make see what the consensus is about possible destinations (whether we want to turn left or right once we exit the heads), and when the best time to go is. If the weather is particularly inclement, then we may not leave the bay until it improves. Where we get to on the cruise is entirely dependent on the weather, and what participants want to do. In the past, some cruises have gone to the Prom (Refuge Cove), Deal Island and Flinders Island (Killiecrankie). Other years have ended up going the other way, to Apollo Bay, King Island, Three Hummock Island, and Stanley (Tasmania). And sometimes we have not got very far at all, owing to poor weather.

A number of social events are held, including the annual Cruising Group Bocce competition, games of Klopp, sundowners on various boats etc.  There is usually a cruise theme set for a day or evening’s dress-up, and perhaps performance. In the past these have included “Pirates”, Gilbert and Sullivan”, “Silly Hat Competition”.

To date, nine boats have expressed interest in participating, however there is always room for more, as, inevitably, not all who express interest end up going.  If you are interested in participating, and have not yet registered your interest, please contact Terry Frankham ([email protected]) to do so.  All questions or requests for information are welcome.