2.4mR Regatta Sailing

2.4mR Australian Championship in Hobart – Tuesday report

Article by Peter Coleman

Packing up day, Sunday.

Royal Bighton Yacht Club has 4 adventurers travelling to Hobart, RYCT for the 2021 Australian Tiltes being held over Easter, being Mark Seager, Malcom Ware, Glenn Norton and Peter Coleman.

The four intrepid sailors meet on the hardstand to pack up the boats, wheel the dreaded jetty into the Jock Sturrock centre and with the help of the ramps we loaded the four boats onto the two utes.

The day went well and no major issues aprt form normal forgetting things of little importance.

Three of us a going over on the Sprit of Tasmania tonight to then drive down to Hobart for pre-lunch drinks about midday. Mal is the celebrity so he’s flying in on Wednesday after we have finished all the un-packing. Not really sure when he arrives but he will watch and wait till the work is done before joining us.

Sadly the weather for the Saturday and Sunday racing looks really really windy, may be a blowout.

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