Cruising Group Annual Progressive Dinner

Friday March 19th

This month’s Cruising Group hosted dinner will be the Annual Progressive Dinner, hosted on members’ boats in the marina on March 19th. We are particularly looking forward to this evening, as last year’s scheduled Progressive Dinner was the first event we had to cancel as a function of the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s celebrate where we have got to today!

Please contact either Pam Merritt ([email protected]) or Jenny Collins ([email protected]) to come along as a boat guest, or to volunteer to host on your boat.

Gather in the members bar at 6:30 for pre-dinner drinks, followed by (after the 7:00pm draw),
• Main Course on you first allocated boat, followed by,
• Dessert and Coffee/Tea on your second allocated boat, finishing with,
• Port and Chocolates on “It’s a Privilege”.

Cost: $20 a head. Hosts reimbursed $10/person for mains, and $6/person for deserts.
Non-boat owners, or those who are currently boat-less are, as always, welcome, and need to book a place with either Jenny or Pam.

This is an excellent evening to get to know members of the Cruising Group, as dinners are in small groups that change between the dinner and the dessert boats.”