Junior and Youth

Quest training program kicks off in great form

If you’re looking for some proof that enthusiasm for sailing among the younger generations hasn’t waned during this long and difficult winter, look no further than our Sunday program.

This Sunday, November 15, was our first training session after the lockdown ended in Victoria. Despite the very short notice, participants both new and returning signed up in droves for the session.

As a result, we kicked off our first Quest training session with 9 boats on the water, almost our entire fleet of club RS Quests!

Morning started off with a light drizzle but OK temperatures and breeze. We knew 30 knots were brewing up for later in the morning, so we decided to hit the water as early as possible to get as much sailing in as possible before the wind would increase too much.

Boats rigged, we started sailing around 9.30 with some figure-8s, perfect warm-up drill.

Everyone had a great time, both on and off the water. What’s more, it’s so great to see so many young people get excited at the prospect of sailing, and with a big smile on their faces after a beautiful day on the water, it really gives meaning to all the hard work the sailing office and our coaches put in to make sure these programs are successful.

You can check out a photo gallery of the day by clicking on the link below. Also, don’t forget to register for the next two sessions in November!