Junior and Youth

Optimist coaching at RBYC

More exciting news for our young RBYC sailors! We’ll be resuming our coaching program for all optimist sailors, starting this weekend.

All RBYC members who own their own boat already are welcome to join. Given that dates and times are quite fluid week-to-week at the moment, the best way to keep up-to-date on upcoming sessions is to join our WhatsApp group by clicking on the link below:

Alternatively you can write to me at [email protected]

An important note:

Please take good note of the following guidance:

  • Participants should, if possible, arrive ready for sailing and leave immediately after sailing. Congregating for social activities after sailing is not recommended.
  • Bring all your necessary equipment for the session.
  • Sign on/off will be done by phone.
  • Check out our Covid safe plan at: RBYC Covid Safe Plan
  • Wear masks in all circumstances prescribed. Adults can congregate in groups of maximum 10 people while maintaining social distancing. We ask that parents/guardians do not help their children during onshore operations.
  • The Club will maintain a register of people in the premises for contact tracing purposes
  • Participants are encouraged to download the COVIDsafe app
  • Participants shall not take part in any activity if at all unwell
  • Participants who suddenly feel unwell to be sent home and to follow govt Health Guidelines