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Notice of AGM and Election

Due to the current restrictions, there will be no in-person voting for this year’s elections. Members will have the option of voting electronically or via Postal Ballot. If you wish to vote electronically and you received this email directly from the club, there is nothing else you need to do – the club will send a unique link for you to vote to this email address (assuming that you membership is a voting membership type). If you would prefer to vote by Postal Ballot, please download the “Request for Postal Ballot” document attached and a ballot form will be sent to you.

To understand voting in detail, please read the attached documents with how each type of voting operates.

Please find below four documents:

  • Notification on the Election for the Royal Brighton General Committee for 2020/21
  • Nomination form
  • Request for Postal Ballot
  • Explanation of voting procedures for Postal and Electronic voting

Important dates:

  • Nominations for Election to be lodged by 6.00pm, Friday 28th  August
  • Election – Saturday 19th  September  
  • AGM – 7pm, Wednesday 23rd  September, via Zoom

Important information:

  • Only financial members can vote at the elections and AGM
  • Only following categories are eligible to vote:

(a)   Senior Members and Senior Family Members who are spouses or domestic partners (as defined in the Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)
(b)   Senior Special Members
(c)   40 Year Members
(d)   50 Year Members and over 
(e)   Honorary Life Members
(f)    Country Members 
(g)   Absentee Members 

Nomination Forms
Obtaining signatures on documents to nominate for General Committee could be a problem for members due to the current lock down. If you wish to nominate someone and are unable to get the signatures of the required parties, the club will accept, for 2020 only, an emailed nomination form under the following conditions:

  • Nomination form is submitted by the due date with the members, proposers and seconders names filled in as normal, but signatures are optional.
  • For any nomination form without all three signatures, the club receives by the due date an email from the person with the missing signature stating “That I, [your name] confirm that I wish to [propose/second/accept] the nomination of [candidates name] for election to the position of [xxxx].”

Wendy Luck
Returning Officer