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RBYC News & Updates 30.07.2020

From RBYC Club Captain

Greetings all from lockdown V2.  Unfortunately, Covid has impacted the second half of the sailing season.  I have missed the camaraderie of sailing the most.  What we have is to look forward to the new season when the pandemic allows us.  The sailing committee and sailing office team are hard at it, creating the new season calendar. For keel boats more passage races, including after the successful Lady Nelson trial of a timed event, some 3 & 4 hour passage races. Easy to plan ahead with your crew when you know that racing will go from 1200 – 1600. 

The club will heavily promote the prestigious (Honour board) Lady Nelson 8 hour timed event this new season.  All who did the event this season enjoyed themselves and had positive feedback.  I am looking forward to seeing many boats planning ahead and entering the event next season.  I believe a BBQ at the club after the event will add a social side where crews can tell tales of their adventures of the day.  Let’s all get behind the event and make it great again.

The adult OTB group have been very active during this period. Restrictions allowing single handed boats to exercise, has given some inspiration to brave the chilly water and forget their troubles for an afternoon.  Next season shows plans for more events; both social Thursday OTB twilight and an extended OTB Sunday sailing season.  It will be good to join many of you on the Olympic deck to have a meal and drink afterwards. 

The sailing committee had planned for a winter sailors’ forum to discuss any changes to the new season.  Sadly, Covid restrictions have meant we could not run this event. Should any sailing members wish to give any feedback about the new season please email me at [email protected] 

The more members who get involved, the better RBYC will become.


Brett Heath
RBYC Club Captain

Pier Update

Finally some good news! 

As per our previous updates, Parks Victoria have now confirmed that the club will be granted limited pedestrian access to the pier up to the hard stand entrance, perhaps as early as the end of next week. The draft report received by Parks has identified a number of the top concrete planks that are to be replaced, but all but a few are past the first lower landing. From the landing to the entrance to the hard stand there are considerably more to be repaired, in particular directly outside the hardstand gate. As soon as contractors are able to come on site, (hopefully next week), the following procedures will be in place.

1) The current Parks Victoria gate on the pier will be relocated to just past the first lower landing
2) Buggy access will be permitted up to the new gate.
3) The Club will be given key access to the relocated Parks gate and restricted pedestrian access from this gate to the hard stand entrance
4) This area is effectively a construction site, and a number of the planks will be marked to be replaced and members will be restricted to a path avoiding these planks
5) Access is for transit to and from your boat only and not for congregation of large numbers of people or general access
6) An induction process will be required for all members to be granted access.
7) There will be no vehicle access until the planks have been replaced.

As for the repairs themselves, Parks are in the process of drafting a tender document, funds have been allocated, and while we do not have a proposed time for replacement, the club is working with Parks to schedule the repairs at a time that will minimise any further disruption.

There is a certain amount of trust being put in the Club by Parks Victoria to do the right thing with the current arrangements, and we have assured Parks that our members will abide by the restrictions to ensure that we retain access in this interim period.

So while the news on the COVID is not at all good, we now have some good news and members will be free to access their boats at any time via the pier by the end of next week.

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