UPDATED 03.04.2020: COVID-19 Update from RBYC Commodore

Updated 03.04.2020

We are all receiving multiple emails per day from various organisations with updates and advice and the following are the changes at RBYC for the foreseeable future. These were agreed by the General Committee based on the advice from the Federal Government, as well as other organisations and RBYC medical professionals:


  • All racing is currently suspended
  • All racing will continue but with changes to minimise the risk to sailors, volunteers and staff
  • From Saturday 28th March, all races will be non aggregate to remove any pressure on skippers and crew who feel they need to sail
  • There will be some changes to schedule to replace inter club races cancelled and/or combine races
  • Boats with up to four crew may use self steering gear while racing
  • There may be simplified race courses to reduce the number of volunteers required to run races
  • The club will not be accepting Sail Passes from non members (i.e. no walk-ins). Members are free to invite friends and family
  • No after sailing presentations
  • If we have reduced rescue cover on the water, the upper wind limits may be reduced
  • Please watch for Notices to Competitors in the coming weeks for official notification of these changes

Sail Training

  • All sail training is currently suspended
  • Sail Training will continue with small groups
  • If schools are closed by the Government, group training will be suspended

Members’ Bar

  • Mebers’ Bar is currently closed
  • Will remain open 4-7pm, last drinks will be called at 6.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
  • There will be no communal food on the bar ie: cheese & crackers, party pies etc
  • No cash – member fob keys and credit/visa cards only

Gym / Sauna / Steam room

  • Gym, sauna and steam room are all currently closed
  • The gym and sauna will remain open
  • The steam room is CLOSED
  • No guests are allowed to use the change rooms
  • No guests are allowed to use the gym – no towel, no entry – all machines must be wiped down after use


  • Open for morning takeaway coffee from 7.30am to 9.00am
  • Open for takeaway meals from Wednesday to Sunday, from 5.00pm to 8.00pm. To check out the menu and find out how to book your meal, please visit the front page of our website
  • Open but with reduced capacity and other changes as per Government guidelines
  • Closed Sunday evenings from 5pm, earlier closing time of 8pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday
  • Take-away food will be available shortly
  • No cash – member fob keys and credit/visa cards only from Monday

To our members, please keep yourself, your family, friends and neighbours healthy. I recently read an article in The Age from a doctor saying what she was doing to retain her physical and mental health and it seemed to me to be a very sound logical approach. Her to do list was:

  • Prioritising sleep 
  • Regularly exercising 
  • Eating well
  • Cocooning people at risk
  • Checking in neighbours
  • Openly communicating with family
  • Putting the phone away to get a break from the constant news feed

If any member is self isolated and needs assistance, please contact the club and we will do all that we can to assist.

Be safe and healthy everyone.

Best Regards,
Paul Pascoe