91st Stonehaven Cup: day 2

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Day 2 began with enthusiasm all round, as the sailors commenced the first races of the Stonehaven Cup Series. The day was a sunny sea breeze from the north east, starting at around 15 knots and steadily increasing throughout the day, putting the skills of all sailors to the test.

The lead changed many times

  • 1st race
    • 1st St Helens Sailing Squadron
    • 2nd Jett Pearson RBYC 1472 sailing John Ackhurst
    • 3rd St Helens Sailing Squadron
  • 2nd race
    • 3rd Jett Pearson RBYC 1472 sailing John Ackhurst

Definitely windier in the afternoon, with a steady 20-25 knots breeze.

  • 3rd race
    • 1st Pacific Gull 1050, King Island (Scarlet Walch RBYC skipper)
    • 2nd RMYS, Patrick Walby sailing Scarlett 1030
    • 3rd RMYS Matthew Norton, skipper Jye Preston

All sailors showed wonderful endurance and some great spinnaker work under testing conditions.

Kenn Williamson

Stonehaven Cup Day 1 invitational races, beautiful conditions!

Posted by St Helens Sailing Squadron on Sunday, 12 January 2020