Junior and Youth OTB Sailing

RBYC Junior and Youth summer program enrolments are out!

That’s right, you’ve been waiting for it since last March, and it’s finally here: our new season of Sunday sailing and training is starting very soon.

RBYC’s Junior and Youth program is back!

That’s right, you’ve been waiting for it since last March, and it’s finally here: our new season of sailing is starting very soon.

Due to the high demand and the fact that places are capped, make sure you get your entry in ASAP to secure a spot!

Last season we’ve had over 100 enrolments, this one we want to go even bigger and better! Here some of the highlights we’ll be bringing to you:

  • Fees are unchanged; more sessions
  • New Quest Racing group
  • New syllabus
  • Changes in time schedule
  • More opportunities for volunteering

Fees unchanged; more sessions

At RBYC we really love sailing, and we aim to provide training for everybody at an affordable price point, so that we can share the love for our sport with as many people as possible.

For this reason, not only we kept the same fee structure we had last season, but we also added an extra session, bringing the total to 14 sessions.

Not only that, but now the course fees for some of the groups (Junior Fun and Adventure, Youth Challenge Program and Youth Rep in Quests) also includes the entry fees to the George Mac Regatta, RBYC’s signature off-the-beach event, which every year welcomes hundreds of sailors of all ages in the big, weekend-long celebration of sailing.

You can find more information about the fee structure for each of the programs at the following link:

New Quest racing group

Our Youth Challenge Program has been a massive success last season: this group alone consisted of over 40 participants. Some of them have expressed interest in a more racing-oriented syllabus; we listened to this demand and decided to form the Youth Rep Quest group.

While the Youth Challenge Program also contains aspects of racing, this new group takes things further, placing a heavier focus on competition, with drills and techniques specific for the purpose.

This is the ideal group if you have some experience in the Quest already and you wish to know more about regattas and participate in club racing, the George Mac Regatta, the Stonehaven Cup or other similar events around the country.

New syllabus

With the expansion of the number of groups to choose from, we want to provide both sailors and parents with a clear indication of what they can expect from our program. Each participant will receive an online syllabus containing some key information and the main areas of focus for each session.

Changes in time schedule

We have decided to consolidate training for all groups to the morning hours, to make it more efficient, better cater to everyone’s needs and allow to participate in Sunday afternoon club racing for those who want to.

All junior groups will start each session at 9.00am and finish at 12.00pm. That includes:

  • Junior Fun and Adventure
  • Junior Skills and Drills
  • Junior Rep

All youth groups will start at 10.00am and finish at 1.00pm. That includes:

  • Youth Challenge Program
  • Youth Rep Quest
  • Youth Rep

Afternoon club racing will start at approximately 2.00pm, so there is time for a break before heading back out on the water (for those that wish to do so).

The session dates are the same for all groups and are the following:

  • October 13, 20 and 27
  • November 10, 17, 24
  • December 1
  • February 2, 9, 16 and 23
  • March 1, 15 and 22

More opportunities for volunteering

As you may already know, our Junior and Youth program relies on the help of volunteers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable program for everyone.

Volunteering is a great way to have a shared experience with your children and become part of an amazing community we call RBYC, it’s a very rewarding experience that gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and make lifelong connections.

This year, we will be publishing a roster calendar for each session of the program, with all the various available tasks and a description for each of them, to make it easier to sign up and understand what’s involved with each role.

In order to be able to volunteer, a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) is required. If you don’t have a WWCC, you can obtain one easily and free of charge. The process starts online and will require you to visit an AusPost office at a later stage. Process usually takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

You can find more info and get started by visiting

If you have an expired WWCC, you can renew it online at

Want to transition to a new type of boat? Ask our staff for advice!

Sometimes, making a transition to a new type of boat from what you’ve been sailing in the past can be tough, there are so many alternatives out there, it’s difficult to pick one.

If you find yourself in that situation and you would like some advice, you can ask our staff in the RBYC Sailing Office. With their knowledge and expertise they can be a valuable resource in helping you choose the next path in your sailing journey.

You can contact Francesco ([email protected]) or Adrian ([email protected]) or give them a call on (03) 9592 3092. Working times are Wednesday to Sunday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Enrolments are now open!

Right now we hope you’re wondering where to head to sign up! You can do so by visiting and clicking on any of the “Enrol here” button you will find across the page.

Due to the high demand and the fact that places are capped, make sure you get your entry in ASAP to secure a spot!

P.S. RBYC Opening Day invitation, Saturday October 5

As per tradition, RBYC celebrates the start of the season each year with a big party, held on the Saturday after the Grand Final Weekend.

This celebration is open to anybody and includes many activities throughout the day for all the age groups.

Program participants and their families are welcome to join us on this date: children can take part in the traditional “Sail past”, the first sail of the new season. One of the objectives of this sail is to win the prize for best dressed boat and/or crew! This year the theme is “Country and Western”.

We will be sending out more information about the Season Opening Day, but for the moment lock that date in your calendar and come down to the club to join in the celebration!

P.P.S.: Working bee and information day, Sunday September 15

As you may be already aware, we’ve organised a working bee day/information day for the upcoming season on September 15. It’s a great opportunity to do a great service to our community and meet each other again after these cold months, plus bring down friends interested in joining the program and have a chat about it!

We will meet on the day at 10am in front of the Jock Sturrock centre. There’ll be quite a few jobs to do for everyone so, if you’d like to help out, bring appropriate clothing, cause we’re gonna get our hands dirty! Sausage sizzle at the end for everyone who helped.

You can sign up for the working bee at the following link: