2019-2020 Season – Safety Declarations & Insurance

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As we approach the new sailing season, the boats in our racing fleets are required to provide an updated Safety Declaration form and their latest certificate of insurance to the sailing office, prior to hitting the race track. Updates on the required documents are as follows

Safety Declarations

Safety Declarations are to be completed using Australian Sailing’s 2017-2021 Special Regulations Equipment Audit Forms. The forms come in Category levels from 1-7, based on the sailing conditions and subsequent equipment requirements. Races conducted at RBYC are Category 6 or 7 races with Category 6 forms applicable for Category 7 races. Suggested that all Keelboats complete the Cat 6 form for racing at RBYC, unless looking to compete in other races with a lower category.

Safety Declarations/ Special Regulations Equipment Audit Forms can be found here.

Man Overboard Exercise

As part of the safety declaration for this coming season, skippers will have to declare that they have completed a man overboard drill, added in to the audit forms for RBYC boats. This drill is mandatory before the start of the season. Our resident life dummy ‘Duncan’ will be made available on Saturday mornings through August and September for MOB exercises, or can be used by members at any other time they wish to complete the exercise. To book in your slot to use Duncan, please contact the sailing office at [email protected].

Insurance Certificate of Currency

As in previous years, the club requires a copy of members insurance policies for their vessels, in the form of a certificate of currency. Extensive club research was conducted by club members James Heywood and Vanessa Twigg around yacht insurance policies, in particular, the definition of ‘racing cover’ and what it actually covers at different brokers. This document can be referred to here.