Crane Update: Crane 2 Open for Business!

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Many of you may have noticed that the new Crane Two has now been installed. The final electronics have been set up and it is now operational for members.

With the new crane, comes a new remote controller. Any crane user who wishes to use Crane Two will need to be given a brief demonstration by a Sailing & Marina staff member. We have also attached a lint to a brief instructional video on how to turn the remote on and off. Please leave the remote inside the isolator box, with the door closed, and the isolator switch and remote both turned off. The battery for the remote will be swapped regularly by staff, however if the battery dies, please simply swap it with the spare battery on charge in the first-aid cupboard (located next to the portable hardstand toilets).

The remote is expensive, so we ask that all operators take care when using it. Please do not drop it and let it swing into the crane.

Many thanks,

Sailing and Marina Office